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Imaginarium Magazine 19

Lost lands Collections - Thyme to Slice & Dice - Carl Jung & Astrology - Fire - Victorian Floramancy


Welcome to Imaginarium,

In this issue, we welcome Marianne Bell, the face behind Lost Lands Collections, who takes us to an ethereal and magical place through her photography. 

We also welcome Andreea Gagiu from Thyme to Slice and Dice. Andreea gives us lovely recipes for spring and together we talk about her love of cooking.

Furthermore, we have a plethora of articles about spring. We talk about the beauty of flowers, the love we get from nature, and how we can use flowers, trees, and nature in general to achieve our well-being.


Evangelia Papanikou talk to us about the flower moly, that rare and magical flower that only the gods could cut!


While Marcia Gayscone-Masino explains all about Victorian Floramancy! 

In this issue, Yannis Kokkinos talks to us about Carl Jung and his contribution to astrology. 

The element we will examine this month is Fire and we will also learn all about the Wands in Tarot. 

We will take a journey in time, and we will go back to the times when the first tarot decks was created, the Visconti-Sforza deck. 

An issue full of bloom, beauty and magic!

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