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Imaginarium Magazine 18

Euphemia Stokefield - Photolegend- Ana Sanchez- Mridul Kawatra

Welcome to the Early Spring issue of Imaginarium,


In this issue, we celebrate early spring.


In this issue, we have given a lot of focus to portraits as we feature several amazing artists.

Carina Demmelbauer-Ebner and her Photolegend, provided the cover photos as well as a nice interview and acquaintance with her and her work. Feast your eyes with her stunning fairy tale canvas-like portraits.


Together we explore the art of Euphemia Stokefield and with her we talk about the masterpieces of the future and the role of digital tools in the art of our century.


We meet Ana Sánchez and we discover the beauty of her gothic and melancholic art.

We introduce you to Tanya Dolbec who is not only a photographer but also a florist and choreographer and so much more.

In the kitchen of Imaginarium we meet Mridul Kawatra who gives us an interview and talks about her South Asian Kitchen. Mridul also gives us two great recipes to try, very appropriate for this time of year!

We take a walk in the park and we meet Evangelia Papanikou who shares the secrets of the god Pan. Of course, as always, Evangelia stepped out of the ordinary and combined E. E. Cummings' poem, In Just, with god Pan, and gave us a wonderful springtime and a bit... naughty analysis.


And because the weather is opening up, let's take a trip! Marcia Gascoyne-Masino takes us on a trip to Florence. A trip full of tarot and astrology! I can't think of anything better!


As in every issue we have of course our regular columns of tarot, astrology, folklore, pagan traditions, herbs and magic!

Join us and celebrate this beautiful season with us!


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