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Imaginarium Magazine 17

Olga Bazhutova - Pasiphae's Erotic Magic - Noemie/ A January child - Befana

Welcome to the Winter issue of Imaginarium. 

Another year is coming to an end, and we continue to look for the magic of life in the small and simple things. The Christmas season is one of those times that can bring us close to the simple joys of life. 

For this issue, we are featuring two photographers. The first one is Olga Bazhutova, a photographer from Russia who did our covers, and Noemi from France, where she decorates our winter issue with dreamy photos full of Christmas nostalgia.

In our book column, we welcome Gina Martin and her trilogy which is published by Womancraft Publishing 'When She Wakes'.  Gina talks to us about her actions and her writing journey.

As on every issue, we also feature a mythological article by Evangelia Papanikou. For this month she has prepared for us the myth of Pasiphae where she analyses the erotic magic and the dark secrets that are hidden behind closed doors or in the labyrinths of our minds.

We explore Yule, we celebrate the Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun King to our earth. In the spirit of the holidays, we have several recipes both in our cooking column and in the Witch's Cabinet column, where we share with you several remedies, beauty recipes, and spells to celebrate these days.

In this issue, we feature an article about the astrological secrets of the Coronation of the new King of England and the secrets of the preparation of the Royal Coronation Oil by Marcia Massino.

Finally, in addition to our regular astrology columns and those of the tarot, we have a multi-page feature on the zodiac predictions for 2023. 

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