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Imaginarium Magazine 16

Walking with persephone - Persephone and her Eleusis - Wicked Visions - Kitchen Witch


Welcome to the autumn issue of Imaginarium. 


In this wonderful season that dresses nature in red and orange and bids farewell to the long days, we celebrate the melancholy of autumn and its dark aesthetics. 


In this issue we have as our guest of honor Persephone! Her story, her mission, her transformation and her duality will be honoured in this issue.


Molly Remer helps us walk with Persephone and learn from her descent into the Underworld. Evangelia Papanikou talks about Persephone's story and how her Eleusis is a source of inspiration in our modern lives. 


Iku Lestrange and her 'Wicked Vision' dresses this issue with her superb work and dark aesthetic full of mystery, melancholy and deep sentiment. 


We welcome Imana and Tyler with their new book the Unofficial Harry Potter Vegan Cookbook and Sarah Robinson with her book Kitchen Witch. 


We're also delighted to have two wonderful poets for this issue, Japneet Chandoak & Rebecca Robinson. Rebecca also shares with us an article about the magic of the Wheel of the Year. 

What else? Dragons, Halloween, Dark Fudge recipe and much much more.

This time, as always, we have our regular columns on astrology, tarot and herbs. I hope you enjoy a cup of tea with Fiona's Tea Break Tarot School. 

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